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The Daphne Newman Evolution

Daphne Newman’s evolution is shifting: A beautiful opportunity to be handled with care. 

When my mother, Daphne Newman, launched the brand in 2016, she believed wholeheartedly in the stories her meticulously crafted robes and veils would inspire. Little did she know, her designs would become a celebrated and enduring namesake in contemporary bridal fashion - or, that her distinct intentionality and integrity would inspire my own perspective, and endeavours thereafter.  After 15 years in the industry (and bearing witness to brides’ endless scouring for fashion-forward, yet affordable looks), I founded the antidote in 2020: The Afterwhite. A one-stop style precursor for chic, bride-to-be looks. Meanwhile, as a successful business-builder, artist and visionary, my mother was ready to move behind-the-scenes in Daphne Newman. 

Together, we are elated to share that it’s official: The Afterwhite is stepping into the spotlight, and Daphne Newman is joining its curated edit as a featured designer. 

Through The Afterwhite, Daphne Newman will continue to deliver the impeccable quality and style brides covet. This transition represents a necessary, exciting business shift towards entrepreneurial fulfillment and market demand; most importantly, it is intended to honour Daphne Newman as the generational roots behind The Afterwhite’s success and evolution.

With this, The Afterwhite is uniquely positioned with intimate knowledge, experience and ties as a designer, manufacturer and curator - lending to a new standard felt by every bride and designer we encounter.  

The evolution is now live across all Daphne Newman and The Afterwhite channels. We are elated to welcome you to the next chapter in our brand journey!

Brides, designers and supporters alike: Thank you for your unwavering loyalty and trust. 

With Love,

Raquelle Kilotaitis, Founder + Visionary 

The Afterwhite






In 2022, an intentional evolution called: The Afterwhite stepped into the spotlight, welcoming Daphne Newman to its curated edit as a featured designer.

How are The Afterwhite and Daphne Newman connected? 

 The Afterwhite was launched in 2020 as a one-stop style precursor for chic bride-to-be looks online and in-store. Founded by Raquelle Kilotaitis, Brand Director and daughter of Daphne Newman’s namesake. In 2022, the brand announced its transition to The Afterwhite’s curated edit as a featured designer. 


Why did Daphne Newman join The Afterwhite?

 As an enduring artist, business-builder and namesake in contemporary bridal fashion, Daphne is ready to revel in the fruits of her labour and focus on family. Her daughter (Brand Director of Daphne Newman and founder of The Afterwhite), Raquelle Kilotaitis, is honoured to continue the brands’ matriarchy in bridal design, manufacturing and curation. This business transition represents a necessary, exciting business shift towards entrepreneurial fulfillment and market demand; most significantly, it honours Daphne Newman as the generational roots that in part make The Afterwhite’s success and evolution possible. 


What is The Afterwhite? 

The Afterwhite is a one-stop style precursor for chic bride-to-be looks online and in-store. Through a select lineup of emerging and coveted designers, The Afterwhite is placing runway style within every bride’s reach. Discover a novel, modern edit with intuitive, easeful for every moment to the main event - your antidote to endless scouring for shades of white and the in-between. 

Follow the evolution:




Where can I find Daphne Newman pieces?

Daphne Newman has joined The Afterwhite’s intentional roster of designer bridal labels. The meticulously crafted veils, robes and pieces you know-and-love are now available to shop within The Afterwhite’s curated edit. Shop the collection here.


What should I expect from Daphne Newman’s selection?

Through The Afterwhite, Daphne Newman will continue to deliver the impeccable quality and style you covet. Brides can expect luxurious veils, bridal robes and a small edit of hair accessories.


Does Daphne Newman still offer Bespoke Design? 

Daphne Newman has evolved to focus on core and coveted designs brides know and love. Investing in on-hand inventory will allow for timely delivery and access. Robes and veils will be readily available for retail and veils available for select wholesale partners. Curious to learn more? Get in touch at


What should I expect from The Afterwhite? 

The Afterwhite is democratizing chic bridal style with an intuitive, easeful selection for the unconventional woman. With purposeful textile, fit and style, thoughtful designer alignment and over two decades of expertise, The Afterwhite backs its reputation with substance.  


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