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Community, Impact, and Sustainability

At The Afterwhite, our everyday is rooted in intention—centred around the belief that success is achieved by giving back to the community and environment that sustains us. 

Commitment to our Community

As a female-founded business built on a generational legacy of entrepreneurial women, we are committed to supporting causes and communities that uplift, inspire and lend opportunity to all women when they need it most.

In 2023, this has manifested through our support of IRIS 2023 for Emma House and the Calgary Health Foundation for Calgary NICUs—two causes that strive to aid women as they navigate the intricacies of motherhood. Daily, we bolster women through meaningful career opportunities where they feel supported to thrive through all of life’s stages and by seeking collaboration with other female-led brands in our community. 

Commitment to our Environment

Intention also underpins our approach to environmental sustainability. As a fashion brand, we hold ourselves accountable for producing and providing ethical, sustainable and long-lasting pieces that reduce waste and minimize environmental impact—because we believe our industry can do better for the planet and its people.

Our philosophy on fashion is to curate coveted clothing you buy once, love for a lifetime, and pass on for generations to come.

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