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Bachelorette Destinations (That Aren't Cliche!)

bachelorette destinations that aren't cliche

There’s a lot to love about The Afterwhite bride, but one of our favorite things about her is her unwavering authenticity. She doesn’t do or wear things just because they’re branded as ‘cool’ by the masses. Comfortable going against the societal grain and dancing to the beat of her own drum, she’s a breath of fresh air and an unintentional trendsetter.

So, where does an Afterwhite bride go for her bachelorette party? She skips the cliche destinations (looking at you, Vegas & Nashville), bedazzled pajamas, and ‘bride tribe’ lingo in favor of a bachelorette party that feels true to her. Whether she’s an outdoorsy girl, a total foodie, or the life of the party, she aligns her bachelorette party to her vibe and vision.

We’ve rounded up a handful of bachelorette destinations that are a little less cliche – and a lot more fun.

Non-Cliche Bachelorette Destinations by Vibe:

bachelorette party nassau Bahamas

Beach Bachelorette

Our pick: Nassau, Bahamas

In a few words: Tropical, laidback, and Instagram-worthy with crystal clear waves and quaint pastel-colored buildings dotting the island. Perfect for diving, snorkeling, and beach-going.

What to wear: The Tropez Tie-Up One-Piece for the beach and pool, the Ame Ivory Maxi Dress for dinner and drinks, & the Aeryn Silk Chiffon Duster for everything in between.

Travel guide: Town & Country’s Complete Travel Guide to Nassau and Paradise Island in the Bahamas



bachelorette party New York

City Life Bachelorette

Our pick: New York City, New York

In a few words: Vibrant, eclectic, and always buzzing. New York is filled to the brim with cool bars, hole-in-the-wall improv shows, and drool-worthy Michelin-Star restaurants.

What to wear: The super-sleek Billie Dress for drinks in Williamsburg, the Stacey Dress for dancing, & the Odette Silk Pajama Pants for sleeping in the next morning (room service, please!).

Travel guide: Harper’s Bazaar’s 100+ Things to See and Do in New York City



bachelorette party Vancouver bc

Outdoors Bachelorette

Our pick: Vancouver, British Columbia

In a few words: Mountainous, artistic, and cultured. A match made in bachelorette heaven for the bride-to-be who loves hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and oohing & aahing at the natural world.

What to wear: The Gazelle Knot Dress for dinner at Botanist, & the Aeryn Silk Pajama Camisole + Pants for movie nights after a long day of fresh air and adventure.

Travel guide: Condé Nast Traveler’s Guide to Vancouver



bachelorette party Santa Barbara California

Food + Wine Bachelorette

Our pick: Santa Barbara, California

In a few words: Easeful, warm, and deliciously slow paced. Dotted with gorgeous beaches, charming wineries, red-tile roofs, and Spanish architecture, Santa Barbara is a haven for foodies and wine lovers alike. (Bonus: Will make you feel like you’re in the Nancy Meyers movie It’s Complicated, minus all the scandal.)

What to wear: The Fiorenza Dress with a denim jacket for wine tasting up the coast at Bodega and on its own for dinner, the Kim Bikini Top + Paula Bikini Bottom for beach-going, & the Flawed Logic Earrings for everywhere.

Travel guide: Goop’s Santa Barbara Guide



bachelorette party Miami Florida

Party + Nightlife Bachelorette

Our pick: Miami, Florida

In a few words: High energy, glamorous, and bold. Perfect for the bride-to-be who loves a good old-fashioned party scene and believes that when it comes to fun, more is more.

What to wear: the Pearl Ky One-Piece for poolside cocktails, the Elodie Sequin Halter Dress for clubbing or bar-hopping, & the Leas High Low Dress for brunch at Swan.

Travel guide: Vogue’s Official Guide to Miami



xx The Afterwhite


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